MA’s Launches new organic soup range

Responding to a growing desire by customers seeking organic and natural produce Ma’s Foods is introducing its new Happy Home Organic Soup range.


Ma’s Foods as a family owned trusted food processing brand, produces this new soup range using only the finest natural and organic ingredients.


“We are excited to introduce our new line of deliciously rich and full flavoured soups bursting with garden-fresh taste and wholesome goodness. Made from the finest ingredients our soups are a simple reminder that foods made with real ingredients are truly flavorful,” said Sarah de Alwis, Communications Manager, Ma’s Foods and the ‘Muluthange’ Quarterly Food Magazine. Ma’s firmly believe that delicious, healthy food can be enhanced with organic ingredients that are farmed responsibly with no artificial pesticides or fertilisers. The colours and flavours come from using fresh organic vegetables, herbs and spices just like at home. Ma’s takes prides in the fact that the ingredients found in the soup range are completely preservative free.


The Soups do not contain potentially harmful pesticides, MSG, artificial flavours and ingredients, chemicals and preservatives or GMO ingredients and is minimally processed.


“We’ve combined high-quality ingredients with the delicious flavor people expect from our products to bring taste without compromise to the new Happy Home Soup range,” Sarah noted.


“Offering our consumers the choice to buy natural and organic soup is an important step. This is a steady process for Ma’s Foods as it underscores our commitment to continually inspire healthy eating through organic products as we continue to expand and offer those who choose to eat organic – options that are both authentic and delicious,” said Sheran de Alwis, Chief Compliance Officer, Ma’s Tropical Foods.



Certified Organic Range Launched in Sri Lanka

MA’s had the pleasure to take part in the weekly Good Market at Diyatha Uyana (near Water’s Edge) for the first time on the 26th September. MA’s Happy Life Kitchen certified organic product range has been exported across the globe however this was the first time in Sri Lanka the products were on offer. The range includes a variety of curry pastes, curry powders, spices & coconut milk which will suit a variety of tastes.

MA’s supports the local farming community surrounding their manufacturing facility by promoting and supporting the certification of organic agriculture.

Traditionally spice production uses very little chemicals and is based on organic farming principles, by providing organic farm certification to a number of small scale farmers in the Matale district, MA’S increases the capacity for the farmers to increase their income and also establish a farming system that enables the forthcoming generations to continue farming successfully well into the future.

The range is certified organic under the JAS, EU & US standards. For more information on the product range visit the brand page.

MA’s will also be taking part at the market on the 3rd October 2013 at stall 149