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Garlic & Chilli Sauce

A rich tomato based hot sauce with a strong garlic flavour.


Availability – 260ml retail size bottle

Ingredients – sugar, vinegar, tomato, garlic (3.4%), corn flour, chilli (1.3%), salt, ginger, paprika, pepper, preservative(E211)

Serves Per Bottle - 15 serves per bottle

Allergen Advice - This product contains no commonly recognised allergens

Halal – Yes

Vegetarian – Yes

Usage Instructions - Shake well before use. Best used within 2 months of opening. Refrigerate after opening.

Serving Suggestions 

Garlic & Chilli sauce is an interesting and spicier alternative to tomato sauce. It can be used as is as a dipping sauce for pastries, cutlets, rolls, chips & wedges. It also compliments hamburgers, sausages and hotdogs.

For an alternate dipping sauce combine with good quality mayonnaise.

This sauce can be added to gravies and stews for extra depth and flavour.


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