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MA’s provides accommodation for all employees, where both husband and wife are both employed with the company, married quarters are provided for their family. All meals are provided by the company’s canteen.

MA’s offers a range of employee welfare support in the following areas:

Financial support – Family welfare for financial assistance to support home improvement, children’s education or other family welfare related areas, loans are granted to employees with the discretion of management and on the employee’s earning ability. All employees receive school books for their children.

Study Support – For employees who require financial assistance or additional leave consideration to enable further study

Maternity Support – For special allowance and support during and after pregnancy. This incorporates a career allowance available to factory workers residing on site and a new born savings account establishment.

Exceptional Circumstances – Special financial and leave allowances for major Illness, weddings, funerals or other exceptional circumstances.


Educational Development

The children of the community are the leaders of tomorrow and education should be encouraged to ensure the best opportunities.  MA’S provides school books to all employees’ children and in addition provides school supplies to the children of farmers in the MA’S key supply network. Fostering good learning is essential in the sustainable development of the country.



Marginalised Persons

MA’s has partnered with a private label client to establish a system where all proceeds from specific products sold contribute to the charity organisation SUROL (Society for Upliftment and Rehabilitation of Leprosy patients). In these modern times leprosy patients are still often shunned by the society in Sri Lanka. SUROL provides a monthly disability allowances as well as milk, food, medicines and dry rations and clothes to approximately 375 persons of all religions and races island wide. In addition the charity builds/repairs/renovates houses, builds toilets, obtains electricity and water, settles outstanding bills and grants small loans.




MA’s agricultural extension services are performed by RAPID (Regional Agri-business and Perennial crop Initiative and Development). RAPID provides support to farmers particularly in the establishment of sustainable agricultural practices. The RAPID team works primarily in the Matale district with spice farmers. Since the establishment of RAPID the organisation has helped many farmers apply and obtain small business loans, obtain organic certification and provide agricultural pest and agronomic assistance.