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Kilinochchi ‘New Beginnings’ Dairy Project

MA’s purchased a closed down dairy factory in Killonochi in 2012. After refurbishment and employee training in August 2012 the factory started producing flavoured milk using milk from local dairy farmers in Killonochi. MA’s has used its food technology and processing knowledge to support the industry in the north and with the aim to facilitate livelihoods and nutrition. MA’s expects no profits from the business and is run entirely based on the aim of developing the food industry in the north for the betterment of the nation.

The flavoured milk is sold to members of the immediate community to start their own small entrepreneurial business. MA’s is focusing on setting up women, who are single mothers, with the necessary requirements to sell and distribute the milk to local schools and shops.  This gives the women an opportunity to support their family and the flexibility to spend half the day with their children and eliminate the need for childcare which is a major problem faced by single women in full time employment. The distribution to schools also gives children the opportunity to purchase a healthier and more nutritious alternative to carbonated beverages.


 New Markets for local farmers

A price that exceeds the cost of production is what many of our farmers expect when selling their produce, however often the market pays such low prices that it is the farmers who are the poorest and the traders and manufacturers prosper. We believe that a fair price is essential in the development of our country and the agricultural industry and as such we only pay fair prices to our farmers. MA’s was the key instigator for the establishment of SAFE NET (Sustainable Agri-Farmers Enterprise Network).

The main aim for the establishment of this group was to provide opportunities for local farmers to be Fair Trade Certified (FLO) which expands their market opportunities and in turn their earning potential.
Supporting Local Economy

MA’s strives to give first purchasing preference to small scale farmers within the local community. MA’s believes that by providing trade the community can support sustainable development rather than direct financial aid.

Promoting Fair Trade

Within the company’s farmer network and community MA’s actively encourages farmers to partake in fair trade certification. MA’s will always pay a fair price to farmers but through the expansion of new markets MA’s increases its capacity to provide even more attractive prices to farmers.