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Energy Conservation
MA’s early on saw the potential for fossil fuel wastage through transportation of goods to and from the company’s factories.  MA’s strategically established the company’s key manufacturing facilities in locations rich in raw materials to dramatically reduce the fossil fuel used in transportation and in addition to support the small communities in Sri Lanka. MA’s coconut milk factory is located in Minuwangoda which is in the heart of Sri Lanka’s prime coconut estates. MA’s Dambulla factory is located next to the rich farming area of Matale which is prevalent in quality Sri Lankan spices.
Waste Management
At MA’s we act on the principal that reducing inputs in turn reduces waste. As such packaging materials are designed to minimise waste and used with optimum efficiencies to reduce waste.

If waste products are produced, all recyclable materials are separated and all green/vegetable waste is sent to a nearby farm to support their small scale animal husbandry operation.
99% of the by-products produce in the manufacturing of coconut milk are re used. A majority is used by small scale local businesses within the community such as soap and toffee manufacturers.


Organic Agriculture
Traditionally spice production uses very little chemicals and is based on organic farming principles, by providing organic farm certification to a number of small scale farmers in the Matale district, MA’S increases the capacity for the farmers to increase their income and also establish a farming system that enables the forthcoming generations to continue farming successfully well into the future.